Collaborations with G.S. Carnivals

G.S. Carnivals of Thomas Ligotti On-Line website has commissioned these new DFL Thingies by provision of their titles:

(28/11/12) Even The Odd Story Is Numberless

(30/11/12) The Prowler from Next Wednesday

(1/12/12) The Candy Ion

(2/12/12) Retrograde Rachel Returns

(5/12/12) The Tasteland, or April is the Cruellest Mouth

(8/12/12) The Desultories of December

(12/12/12) Agitprop Angels

(27/12/12) Doppelmanger*

(4/1/13) Janus Has One Good Eye*

to be continued


*associated thingies: Was that you or the dog? & A Prayer For Dawn

All thingies (2007-2013) : HERE


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