The Two Volumes of Synergies

Photos of a private version of my collaborations, printed by someone in 2008 who then transferred the stories that were shown off-line into these two volumes that he owns. Only two copies  of each volume exist, his copy and the one he kindly sent me out of the blue in 2008.


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November 21, 2021 · 12:37 pm

Read Them, some linked on this site…

‘THE HORN’S LAST RITE’ — my collaborations with Margaret B. Simon
– fiction collaborations conducted transatlantically by paper post in the early nineteen nineties:

My collaborations with Tim Lebbon over a similar period,  group-entitled as LET’S EAT MONSTERS:

Meanwhile, a book of many other different one-to-one collaborations during the same period: HIRAETH:

Wordhunger Multi-Collaborations published here:

and Collaborations with Stuart Hughes entitled BUSY BLOOD here:

Collaborations with my late father: ONLY CONNECT and HARVEST TIME:

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Below are links to many of the collaborations with DFL ,



Two candles held close together shine brighter than two held apart.” from THE TEARS OF THE GODS by Ron Weighell (Passport Levant 2011) – a constituent of the TARSHISHIM Box.

Below are many of the collaborations with DFL over the years, some previously published, others not. 

The name in brackets after each story is the author with whom DFL collaborated on that story.

In no particular order.



DF LEWIS (1948- ) AND GORDON LEWIS (1922 – 2007)



the last home game

the crime


a soul’s insurance

a feeding of the fire


freighted by frights

secret ancestry

strangers knight

optimum pose

rain rain

blue murder

harvest time

a man to mean to be me

Above stories are now in the HARVEST TIME collection HERE.


Twelve collaborations with Tim Lebbon:

DIRTY PIPES (Peeping Tom 1999)


WANDERING PIANOS (Blood From Stone 1999)

WASTED MEALS (Dread 1999)

SORDID LIMBS (Nasty Piece Of Work 1997)

WORDLESS WAFFLES (The Dream Zone 1999)

INKY STORIES (Hadrosaur Tales 2001)


EMPTY BREAKFASTS (fantasque 2000)

DEAD PETS (unpublished)

SHED HAIR (unpublished)



Fifty collaborations with Wordhunger linked from here:

Tale With An Unknown Collaborator c 1999 (any claims?)


HERE NOW – collected collaborations with Stuart Hughes  (in 2012):

the horn’s last rite (Margaret B Simon)

illusion (Anthea Holland)

the polish and the purgatory (Anthea Holland)

remission (Anthea Holland)

tungus (Jeff Holland)

pyramid selling (Jeff Holland)

twilight (Anthea Holland)

not even in legend (Anthea Holland)

cathy come home (Anthea Holland)

a knack for knuckles (Jeff Holland)

the forgotten envelope (Anthea Holland)

three suns for yesterday (Jeff Holland)

young men (Anthea Holland)

absent without leave (Anthea Holland)

the sound of children, a pretty pickle, the unhaunting of the house, too dark for humour,  neaptide (all Anthea Holland)

home is where you lay your hat (Anthea Holland)   dark sweat (3rd story here) (Jeff Holland)

deathworks (Mrs D Lewis)

the princess & the rose (PF Jeffery & B Lewis)

the last pear of the wind (B Lewis):

busy blood (Stuart Hughes);

welcome to the angst hotel (Paul Pinn)

reaching for nadir (Margaret B Simon)

visitors (Keith Brooke and Lawrence Dyer)

[Info on the Brooke Dyer Lewis collabs: ]

crystal toppings (Margaret B Simon)

queer tumours (Stuart Hughes)

(he believes) (Craig Sernotti)

poppers in the wine (PF Jeffery)

a beacon to the dead (Kirk S King)

the quest of the mouther (Rhys Hughes)

the fat bat (Scott Urban)

pity the mother (PF Jeffery)

the silver saraband (Margaret B Simon)

angel delight (hertzan chimera)

don’t drown the man who taught you to swim (David Mathew)

a skip for heroines (Margaret B Simon)

blood noodle (Kirk S King)

beyond the comfort zone (Stuart Hughes)

the curious satchel (David Mathew & MF Korn)


I consume that of the edge of exquisite taste (Craig Sernotti)

finnegan awake (Simon Woodward)

in camera (Simon Woodward)

thieving grief (Simon Woodward)

crashing out (Simon Woodward)

There was a surge of anger in the air (Scott Urban)

hey garland, I dig your tweed coat (John Travis)

manumission (Scott Urban & Craig Sernotti)

only one I (Margaret B Simon)

bleak mansions (Margaret B Simon)

quirky title (Scott Urban)

ultimate creative (Margaret B Simon)

the moon pool (MF Korn)

plaintive static (Scott Urban)

the welcome mat (Chris Pelletiere)

midnight encounter (PF Jeffery)

sojourn of strangers (John Travis)

night visits (Hertzan Chimera)

late night jamming (Gary Couzens)

the good neighbour (Margaret B Simon)


obituary (PF Jeffery)

screen test (Scott Urban)

combing the brain (Stuart Hughes)

torch music (MF Korn)

the fan & the fenestra (PF Jeffery)

the slippery pearls (Hertzan Chimera)

unread story (Margaret B Simon)

slumming towards heaven (Scott Urban)

strafed by starlings (Margaret B Simon)

hailing helene (David Mathew)

the man with no name (MF Korn)

babe in boots (David Mathew)

fluttering hearts (PF Jeffery)

hauled from hell (Kirk S King)

fact & fanglement (PF Jeffery)

disaffected blood (David Price)

swine before pearls (Scott Urban)

by the weed pool (Craig Sernotti)

the sirocco-scarred city (Stuart Hughes)

mustard kat (Paul Pinn)

the broom cupboard of crossed destinies (Rhys Hughes)

lavinia’s eyes (PF Jeffery)

nits (Paul Bradshaw)

meticulously prepared for madness (Stuart Hughes)

errors (Paul Pinn)

weeping sores (Craig Sernotti)

the void in the voice (Craig Sernotti)

bad moon rising (Stuart Hughes)

know they enemy (Scott Urban)

a fester of mysteries (Simon Clark)

a titanic breed (Hertzan Chimera)

the lost blurb (MF Korn)

a mansion with two bed-sits (Stuart Hughes)

chuckleberry grin (Rhys Hughes)

gulpswollen (Craig Sernotti)

father figure (Scott Urban)

switch-sell (Paul Pinn)

little maids all in a row (David Mathew)

hierarchies (Margaret B Simon)

tendring hundred (Margaret B Simon)

towards the fire (PF Jeffery)

the anatomy of the total (Margaret B Simon)

static ataxia (Paul Pinn)

the mask of satan (PF Jeffery)

the locker room (Magaret B Simon)

brunch at the charnel cafe (Margaret B Simon)

chloe’s elbow (Dawn Andrews)

knuckledraggers, inc.(John Travis)

flesh teasers (Paul Bradshaw)

a harrowing of words (Paul Bradshaw)

The London Fairground (Allen Ashley)

a sort of runic rhyme (2nd story) (Rhys Hughes)

alone together (4th story) (PF Jeffery)

ambulance chasers (Stuart Hughes)

impaled (Craig Sernotti)

this flight tonight (Gary Couzens)

dark footnotes (Craig Sernotti)

in the belly of the snake (Paul Pinn)

angel under par (Andrew Busby)

floater (PF Jeffery)

her words not mine (Allen Ashley)

cigwitch (Margaret B Simon)

what dreams may come (David Price)

righteo (PF Jeffery)

maps of time (Scott Urban)

even dogs could talk (David Price)

Hide & Sleek (Stuart Hughes)

FREE SEX (Stuart Hughes)

2007 Collaboration with Lawrence Dyer: THE SHOAL

There are more collaborations, including some with Dominy Clements, Richard Gavin, Tony Mileman,, Mark McLaughlin, John B Ford  plus a number of tri-collaborations alongside MF Korn & Hertzan Chimera within single stories and not forgetting the world famous ‘The Lovecraft Cafe’ by DFL, MF Korn & Jeff VanderMeer  and other names possibly forgotten

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